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Autumn Term 2016

Godly Play - Autumn Term Overview


The Forever Story (Early Years)

This is the first story encountered by Children in Godly play. It tells the story of the Nativity and will be familiar to many of the children, but it puts it in the context of Jesus the Eternal Saviour, hence “The Forever Story”.


The Good Shepherd (Year 1)

This is a parable and like all parables in Godly Play is presented in a golden box. It tells of the shepherd who leads his sheep safely to still waters, green pastures and through dark and dangerous places and is prepared to lay down his life to protect his sheep when a wolf attacks. It also tells of the lost sheep, and how the shepherd searches and searches until the sheep is found. The children are encouraged to name the sheep used in the story.


The Mystery of Advent (Years 2-6)

This presentation focuses on the journey to Bethlehem foretold by the prophets and made by Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and the Wise Men. Like the Forever Story it puts the Nativity in the context of Jesus the Eternal Saviour. The candles used in this presentation will be used by Mrs Hawkins in the Advent Crown in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.