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Autumn Term 2018

Godly Play Autumn 2018

Godly Play is a child centred, “wondering” approach to RE teaching. It encourages, challenges and nourishes their spiritual quest as well as enriching their biblical knowledge. Stories are shared using plain wooden figures and simple scripts, the children are then given the opportunity to question and respond through discussion, play and art. The children at HWCE School have one session of Godly Play each term. Here is a short description of the stories covered by the children in their Godly Play sessions this term.

The Forever Story (Early Years)

This is the first story encountered by Children in Godly play. It tells the story of the Nativity and will be familiar to many of the children, but it puts it in the context of Jesus the Eternal Saviour, hence “The Forever Story”.

The Creation (Year 1)

This material presents the creation of the world as a Gift to us from God and one we should cherish. It allows the children to understand the supremacy of God, a concept that underpins everything we do in Godly Play.

The Story of Zacchaeus (Years 2-5)

This is the story of Zacchaeus, a greedy tax collector from Jericho, who took more than his fair share of the money he collected. When Jesus came to the city Zacchaeus wanted to see him and climbed a tree to get a better view. Jesus went to his house for tea and Zacchaeus repented, promising to give back all the money he owed. Discussion could include why Jesus chose Zacchaeus and the effect Jesus’s visit had on both him and his neighbours.

Saul’s Discovery (Year6)

This lesson focusses on the life of Saul, later Paul, who started his life actively opposing followers of Jesus but following the dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus he became one of Christianity’s greatest and most ardent advocates. We will discuss the power of the Holy Spirit within Paul’s ministry and how we can use Paul’s example to inspire us when faced with challenges and hardships of our own.