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Christian Character

Christian Character

High Wycombe Church of England School is a Church of England voluntary aided school affiliated to the Oxford Diocese. Strong Christian values are at the heart of our work and central to the ethos of the school’s teaching and learning. One of the broad aims of the School is to help children learn that our Christian values are essential qualities. See Visions and Values; -

Our School is linked with 6 churches in High Wycombe and once a week we have clergy collective worship which is led by a member of the clergy from one of the six churches. One of the churches is All Saints Church and the children worship there as a school community at Christmas, Harvest and Easter. The children also participate in key Christian events in school and present assemblies and other performances to their families and the community.


Lent Challenge - 40 acts


During Lent we follow the 40 Acts Lent Challenge. The 40acts challenge is a great way for children to learn to think about and practice generosity for themselves by completing one simple act of generosity each day throughout Lent.
For the 6 weeks the children consider the theme of generosity and are set daily challenges to attempt. There are whole school collective worships on the theme for the week and this is then followed up in class during the class collective worship.
Each week an overview of what the children have been doing and have achieved during the week is added to the website in the ‘Class Pages’ Section

Our Lent Prayer is to remind the children that God loves them and can help children show generosity to others.

Dear God,
Thank You that You are loving and forgiving
Help us to love people in the same way as You have loved us
Help us do generous things for others because we love You.

Class Responses to the Lent Challenges


We are a church school – what does that mean?

As a church school, High Wycombe Church of England School aims to develop its religious character taking into account the principles of the Church of England and promotes Christian values through the experience we offer to all our pupils.


How can you tell we are a church school?

  • Our school entrance hall and central corridor clearly displays the Christian values that encapsulate our school as well as a large cross in our hall.

  • Each classroom has an area for Christian spiritual reflection and prayer with candle and a cross.

  • We meet for collective worship daily in our school hall or in the classroom

  • Our school uniform has a logo with a cross and the letters 'C' and 'E'.


Listen to our children this is what they have to say;

There are lots of things to look that make our school bright and interesting that we are thankful for THANKFULNESS

Our collective worship is something that many other schools don’t have and worship and praying brings us closer to God. Collective worship helps us with ALL SCHOOL VALUES

Our uniform is smart and warm and shows we are part of a good school that people want to go to

We think we have great teachers who help us learn well to prepare us for when we are older and when we go to work – they give good SERVICE

The children here are kind and friendly and we all have lots of friends – new children settle in quickly. This shows FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION and RESPECT

We have got lots of good equipment to help us play and learn – playground equipment, sports resources, computers which we are thankful for - THANKFULNESS

We feel safe and protected here – the school is a place of PEACE and TRUST

Being a Christian is all about looking after others and helping them and everything we have said shows this – ALL SCHOOL VALUES

We think we still need to learn more about other religions too.

Whole School Blessing

Rev Ellis led a Whole School Blessing today which was a great way to start the year. Rev Ellis, Ruth Harley, Mrs Ayres, Ms Jongu and Mrs Tersteeg visited all the classes and key areas of the school. Then the whole school all gathered in the hall and received a whole school blessing and sang ‘Thank You Lord’ whole heartedly. The children responded with some very thoughtful prayers for their year groups and enjoyed the experience of being sprinkled with Holy Water.


Citizenship Projects


Each year group are asked to decide on a Citizenship Project that will support the local community. Then throughout the year the children complete activities or make visits that support their chosen project.    If you visit the class pages for each year group you will be able to see pictures and feedback on what has been achieved so far this year.  


Godly Play 


Godly Play is a child centred, “wondering” approach to RE teaching. It encourages, challenges and nourishes their spiritual quest as well as enriching their biblical knowledge.  The stories are told by the storyteller, using beautiful resources which are kept on display on the shelves.  The children are invited to respond, often by adding their own thoughts to the prompt 'I wonder....'.  After the story session, the children respond further through various creative activities, using resources kept on dedicated shelving in the room.


The stories told are separated into three areas - the Old Testament stories of the people of God, the parables of Jesus, and the liturgical area, which is based on the Church Year, and includes the story of the Holy Family.  The nativity scene figures are on display as a focal point for the Godly Play room, set on a cloth of the liturgical colour for the time of year, with the figure of the Risen Christ behind.


The children at HWCE School have one session of Godly Play each term.


Click on the link to see some photographs taken during Godly Play sessions and to read a short description of the stories covered by the children in Godly Play:


Listening to the Voice of the Learner


VOL activities are a set of pupil activities devised by the Diocese of Worcester. They are activities for Church schools which enable our pupils to contribute to the SIAMS process - the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. 'LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF THE LEARNER' has been developed to assist schools in the task of enabling pupils to contribute effectively to this self evaluation process and to allow the voice of the learner to be heard. The children take part in a VOL session every half term.


Here are some examples of quotes from different year groups when asked to share their feelings about how our school helps them to feel special and valued;


"The spirit at school makes me feel special"

"The teachers smiling at me when I hold the door"

"My friends make me feel special"

"Moving my peg up the Rainbow Chart"

"Getting certificates"

"Everyone makes me feel valued"

"Teachers listen to me"

"Nice friends and teachers make me feel special"

"Everyone cares for you"

"Not everyone has a school like this"

"I learn new things every day"