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Christian Values

Our Christian values describe what is important in the way we live our lives. They give meaning to life, are the foundation of our beliefs, they influence our decisions, actions and behaviour and impact the life we choose to lead, 'Opening the doors to opportunity.'



Christian Values

As a Church school we have developed our own set of Christian values that will underpin all we do as a school. We have 9 Christian values and they are displayed in all classrooms and key areas in the school.


Even though Christian values are spiritual in nature, the evidence of these values come through deeds and actions - they should be apparent in all we do and say


Each month we choose a Christian Value as our whole school focus. These are shared through whole school collective worship and incorporated into the curriculum so the children have opportunities to develop an understanding of how the presence of these values has a positive impact on their lives and learning as well as those around them.  

Our Christian Value displays