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At HWCE we think it is important to understand about how other people live in different countries across the world. We spend a day per term working with children in our house teams and learning about 4 different countries. We think about what life is like for children in these countries and how it differs from how we live. They develop a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about others and the world around them and are encouraged to accept, respect and celebrate diversity. 


In the afternoon on these days we look at The Gambia and Zenith Prep School as we e-twin with them. Every year we all complete a project which we send over to them to help them understand what life is like for us. They regularly send us PowerPoints and information about them too. This promotes mutual respect, thankfulness, tolerance and compassion in the children. See the files below. 


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Newsletters - Celebrating Our International Days! 
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Communication from Zenith Prep School
Communication To Zenith School

Postcards from Oxford Castle

Our changing seasons - Year 1

Our Work on the Gambia

We hope you like our slideshow about High Wycombe!

Year 5 are creating this slideshow (work in progress - soon to be complete) all about High Wycombe and its history

Year 4 - Letters to The Gambia

Year Two - weekend activities in England

YEAR 3 SUMMER TERM - Postcards to The Gambia about our leisure time

Postcards from Year 5 to Zenith Prep School

Year 3 - Spring term - The Gambia - Acrostic Poems

Year 6 Spring Term - The Gambia Artwork - Masks

Year 1 leaf art for Zenith school

Year 2 - Writing Autumn Acrostic poems

Year 3 - Letters to the children at the Zenith School.

Year 3 Gambia Flag - linked to Australian Dot Painting

Y5's work on Gambia - comparing the differences in landscape to the UK

International Days - Learning About Other Countries

Autumn 2019 Y4,5 & 6 learning about Japan - making origmai

KS1 Madagascar (scavenger hunt for endangered animals and poster making

KS1 travel to Antarctica and Singapore

The children learnt about Ernest Shackleton, a very brave and courageous man who showed determination and did not give up on his crew when they were stranded. They enjoyed making a map of Antarctica with ropes and worked well in their teams. 

Singapore was very different and the children found out about national symbols and customs. The Merlion is have lion and half fish and is very important in Singapore. 

Key Stage 2 - ANTARCTICA - We learned about the wildlife and climate and made origami penguins and created landscapes based on the art of Nerys Levy

KS2 - Spring Term - Chile - Bird Art

KS2 Norway - Munch's 'The Scream, Viking Runes, Kenning Poems, Norwegian Flag

KS1 Norway (folklore trolls) and Chile (‘cross continental’ landscapes)

KS1 spring term Cuba and Indonesia - salsa dancing shadow puppets and Batik prints

KS1 - Poland and Canada

Scotland - KS1

Thailand - learning about candle festivals - KS2

Learning about Thailand- making paper boats for a candle festival - KS1

Learning about Australia - Indigenous Art - KS1

Learning About Poland

Learning the Haka - New Zealand

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New Zealand- Learning to do the Haka

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New Zealand- Learning the Haka

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New Zealand - Learning the Haka

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