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School Mission Statement



The School aims to:

  • offer children an education rooted in Christian perspectives, worship, ethics and lifestyle.
  • provide all-round excellence in education, developing and nurturing the academic, artistic, social, spiritual, moral and physical resources of each child, and aiming to draw out the full potential of each child and staff member.
  • offer children and staff a caring community, based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.
  • forge links between the school, the home and the parish (in partnership with parents and local clergy) in order to prepare pupils for their place in the church and the wider community


In pursuit of these aims the school is committed to:

  • affirming the truth of the Christian faith.
  • fostering an understanding of and respect for, other faiths and world-views.
  • offering Christian worship through whole school assemblies, class assemblies and prayer within the classroom.
  • appointing staff who are fully in sympathy with the school’s aims.
  • including Christian values in all teaching, taking advantage of the cross-curricular opportunities provided by the National Curriculum.
  • providing a high standard of pastoral care for children and staff.
  • listening to the concerns, hopes and wishes of parents.
  • offering through the governing body and through links with the clergy, opportunities for advice and input from the local churches and community.