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Spring Term 2017

Godly Play Overview - Spring Term 2017


The Good Shepherd (Early Years)

This is a parable and like all parables in Godly Play is presented in a golden box. This signifies that parables are precious and a present to us from God, and the boxes all have lids signifying that we can’t always “see into” or understand a parable. It tells of the shepherd who leads his sheep safely to still waters, green pastures and through dark and dangerous places and is prepared to lay down his life to protect his sheep when a wolf attacks. It also tells of the lost sheep, and how the shepherd searches and searches until the sheep is found. The children are encouraged to name the sheep used in the story.


The Parable of the Good Samaritan (Years 1 & 2)

This is a parable, and like all parables in Godly Play is presented in a golden box (see above). It tells of a man travelling along a rocky path who is attacked and badly injured. A Priest and a Levite both pass him by, but he is helped and cared for both short term and long term by a Samaritan who is a stranger from another country. The children are encouraged to wonder who is neighbourly to whom in the story, which in turn leads to questions about who is our neighbour today.


The Good Shepherd and World Communion (Years 3-6)

This is the first liturgical presentation encountered by the children; ie focusing on aspects of Church life and worship rather than on bible passages. The presentation looks at the concept of celebrating Holy Communion. It starts by re-visiting Good Shepherd material (see above), during which the shepherd leads the sheep to form a circle around a table on which a plate and chalice are placed. The circle of sheep are joined by other people of God on a circle of fabric representing the world. After a time of reflection and response we gather together and share a grape and a glass of water.