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Spring Term 2019

Godly Play Overview

Spring Term 2019

Godly Play is a child centred, “wondering” approach to RE teaching. It encourages, challenges and nourishes their spiritual quest as well as enriching their biblical knowledge. Stories are shared using plain wooden figures and simple scripts, the children are then given the opportunity to question and respond through discussion, play and art.

The children at HWCE School have one session of Godly Play each term. Here is a short description of the stories covered by the children in their Godly Play sessions this term.


Noah’s Ark (Early Years)

The story of Noah and the Ark presented simply, focussing on God’s relationship with Noah.


The Good Samaritan (Year 1)

Christ’s relationship with the twelve Apostles, both as disciples and friends, explored through Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting. We will be focussing on the personal qualities of the Twelve, and what being a disciple of Jesus means, both then and now. We will also be discussing what the Apostles did during Christ’s ministry, and after his death and resurrection.


Jonah (Years 2-5)

This Old Testament story tells of Jonah, the “Backward” prophet, who, when asked to go to Nineveh, goes in the opposite direction, with dire and fishy consequences! The children are given the chance to explore their own walk with God, and how their obedience and disobedience affects their path.


The Exile and Return (Year 6)

This lesson is a visual summary of a large chunk of the Old Testament. God’s people are driven away from the city of Jerusalem into exile. It explores how being taken from their home and their roots challenged their faith, and how they learnt to adapt. As well as relating to their own spiritual journey, this presentation contains many parallels with the modern world and the challenges of displacement and homelessness.