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Week 1

It was lovely to welcome the children back this week.  They have brought lots of energy and enthusiasm to the classroom in what has felt a very busy week!


To start our new topic 'Toy Story', in Literacy, we have been reading stories about lost toys. The children really enjoyed sharing their toys with their classmates during circle time and again at the table when they wrote some super 'lost toy' posters!  They also retold the 'This is the Bear' story in small groups with some super acting and narrating.


In Maths, we have been continuing our learning about addition and children have been using a number line to count on.  They have been using the counting on method to solve problems and find the missing number in number sentences.  We will continue to develop this during the year.


In other subjects, we have been creating balances in Real PE and we attempted rugby skills in our second PE lesson as part of our wonderful jam packed international day.  For photos of this - please go to the international day link on the school website.

Literacy - ‘This is the bear’ retell