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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Learning

At High Wycombe Church of England School, we work hard to promote a Growth Mindset in our children. Take a look below to see what this means and how this works at HWCE. 


Teaching Growth Mindsets

Throughout the academic year, we have three days which are dedicated to exploring and learning about how our brains work, which are called 'Brain Awareness Days'. During these fun- filled days the children learn:


Day 1 – How We Learn…

  • Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic?
  • Left or Right Brained?
  • Different Ways of Thinking...


Day 2 – Celebrating Achievement!

  • We Are All SMART – The 9 ‘SMARTS’
  • Celebrating Differences


Day 3 - Memory

  • How Does Memory Work?
  • How Can You Improve Your Memory?


The notion of having a Growth Mindset is embedded in all the teaching that we do:

  • New learning behaviour launched half termly
  • "I can't do it yet.." - When children find things challenging we encourage positive use of language
  • Termly Philosophy lessons
  • Challenges in Maths - Children choose the level of challenge that suits them