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Autumn Term

Year 3 are in the process of setting up a link with The Royal Star and Garter home.


However, as this does not fully open until next year, Year 3 decided they would like to make and deliver Christmas cards to people in the local community. They particularly wanted to deliver them to those who help or are kind to us. We have been busy creating lots of Christmas cards and writing messages to say thank you and merry Christmas. The children have suggested where they would like to deliver their cards including the hospital, fire station, police station and post office. 


This week we went on a walk around the local area delivering the cards. We went to the hospital, charity shops and local residents. Everyone was very happy to receive the cards and it made them smile. Even though only a couple of children went into each place to deliver the cards, many people came outside to say thank you and happy Christmas to the whole class.  Miss Jones has delivered a few to the places the whole class was unable to walk to in the time we had.


Year 3 definitely spread lots of joy this week and it was lovely to see.


Some of the class also accompanied early years to Shelbourne Lodge. They sang a selection of songs from the Christmas play and some carols to the residents. The children said it made the people smile.