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Book Week

Book Week in Year 5

Tortuga by Paul Geraghty
In year 5 we have spent the week looking at Tortuga by Paul Geraghty. It is a book about a Tortoise that gets caught in a storm. She is not sure if she will survive ir find her family again!! 

We have created our own picture books in the style of Paul Geraghty using his ideas to help inspire us. These took a long time but we are proud of the results!!

In the ICT suite we used our skills on PowerPoint to create presentations all about the life and work of Paul Geraghty. We use our own knowledge about him from his visit last week as well as using the internet to research.

Later in the week we looked at creating storm pictures using washes. We watered down the paints and mixed the colours to create the perfect storm look. Once we had finished we added silhouettes to the paintings for effect. After that we looked at some poems written about storms. We then wrote our own onto our pictures.
Tortuga is a tortoise and the main character in the story we looked at. We wanted to find out more about tortoises so looked on some websites and created fact pages about the animal.
We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves this week and learnt so much based on one book!! The picture below show just how much fun we had!