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Brain Awareness Day ~ SMARTS and Celebrating Achievements

Brain Awareness Day ~
SMARTS and Celebrating Achievements

On Friday year 5 took part in the second Brain Awareness Day of the year. This day was all about celebrating the different ways in which we are all SMART!

There are 9 smarts;


Everybody in the class has their specialisms and their strong points. We completed a number of activities that helped us see our 'cool', 'warm' and 'hot' spots. We then discussed as a class all the different talents we have and looked at how we could improve our 'cool' spots. 

Later on in the day year 5 went to Mrs. Bowers and completed some activities to help them become more 2D/3D smart. We created some amazing pieces of artwork which you can see below.

In the afternoon year 5 completed an activity designed to improve their people smart skills. They had to work in groups of 6 (people they wouldn't normally work with) and design a fruit cocktail. They then had to pitch tot he class and we had to vote for our favourite. 

We all had great day and learnt a lot about appreciating each others talents. 

Miss Jones
We are Number Smart!
We are Practical Smart!
I am Music Smart!
We are 2D/3D Smart!
We are Nature Smart!
We are Body Smart!
We are People Smart!
We are Self Smart!
We are Word Smart!