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Bright Sparks

We had a wonderful trip to the Royal Festival Hall on London's South Bank.  The occasion was a Bright Sparks concert given by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, especially for children.  These concerts are always a great success. 


We had a good journey there, although as we crawled our way slowly down the Earl's Court Road we had to keep reassuring some of the children that we really were nearly there.  Finally we came out on the Embankment and followed the river to our destination.  We went to the Hall, where Mrs. Venvell collected our tickets and programmes.  It was a gorgeous day, and we had time to walk along the river towards the London Eye - where we saw a toad riding a bicycle - or did we?  We looked at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament across the river, and then we went up onto the footbridge to look downstream, with the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral rising up in the distance.


Next it was time for lunch.  We found a space inside the Hall where we could sit and eat, looking down on the river.  Soon it was time to take our seats.  Some of us couldn't believe how large the concert hall was inside!  We were seated quite near the front, with the double basses in front of us looking even larger than you might think.  The concert was excellent, and we sang along with the 'Endangered Species' song with gusto.


Year 4 and I would like to give a big thank you to Mrs. Venvell for organising the tickets and giving us the opportunity to go to one of London's best concert venues and hear a world class orchestra - a brand new experience for some of us.  I think some parents are going to be asked if various new musical instruments can be learned - it was certainly a very inspiring day.


Mrs. Jacks