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Yesterday year 5 had a fabulous day out at Cadbury's World in Birmingham. We set off at 9:10 and were all extremely excited! After a long coach journey we began to smell the chocolate and knew we must be near! Eventually we arrived safe and sound!!

We started our day with a tour of the factory. We learnt all about when Cadbury's was founded, how chocolate is made and got to walk around the factory. While walking round the factory we could see all the chocolate bars coming off the conveyor belts and being packaged, they looked really yummy!!!! 

As the day continues we also learnt about the charity work Cadbury's does in Ghana and got to go on a ride in a giant car around cocoa bean land! The tour concluded with looking at the different types of advertising and playing on some interactive games. We had great fun and the two hours we spent walking around flew by!

When 12:30 came we were all really hungry so after a quick trip to the shop to stock up on chocolate we stopped for lunch! After lunch we were all full of energy again and ready for our talk on product design and advertising slogans. The talk was fascinating and we learnt all about the design process Cadbury's goes through. We also discovered what a USP is and why it is important! 

The final part of the day was spent in Essence! Here we heard all about how Cadbury's Dairy Milk was first made and all the changes they have made to it since. We then got the chance to design our chocolate bars by adding our choice of sweet to liquid chocolate. Luckily for us we could then be the taste tester - they all tasted fantastic!!!!!

After a long journey home we arrived back at school at 5pm! It was a long day but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. We learnt lots that we can use when designing our biscuits in Design and Technology and learnt lots about the history behind Cadbury's World. 

I was exceptionally proud of year 5 and their behaviour yesterday, members of the public and staff at Cadbury's commented on their smart appearance and impeccable behaviour! They were all an absolute credit to the school - Well Done Year 5!!!
Miss Jones
Picture 1 Essence
Picture 2 Name Writing
Picture 3 Learning how to make chocolate
Picture 4 Bull Lane
Picture 5 Bull Lane
Picture 6 Tasting
Picture 7 Interactive Games
Picture 8 Tempering Chocolate
Picture 9 Mrs Littlewood's Group
Picture 10 Yummy Yummy!!
Picture 11 Yum!
Picture 12 Creating our own Chocolate
Picture 13 Writing
Picture 14 Bull Lane
Picture 15 Chocolate!!
Picture 16 Chocolate Creations
Picture 17 Interactive Games
Picture 18 Interactive Games
Picture 19 Moulds
Picture 20 Writing Names
Picture 21 Tempering Chocolate
Picture 22 Ghana
Picture 23 Cocoa Bean Land
Picture 24 Taking a ride around cocoa bean land
Picture 25 Leaning How Cream Eggs Are Made
Picture 26 Learning abour Cocoa Beans