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What is DT?


"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you look deeper, it's really how it works."

Steve Jobs


"Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions."

John Maeda

Design & Technology at High Wycombe Church of England Combined School

At High Wycombe C of E we believe that Design & Technology is a valuable subject in the curriculum as it provides pupils with the opportunity to try out ideas and explore their creative nature whilst, at the same time, gaining an understanding of how and why products are made and how mechanical devices work. Our pupils gain an understanding of the design process of how a designer recognises a need for a product, explores existing products, tries out ideas and learns from successes and failures in order to arrive at a final design. 

Pupils spend lots of time creating models and items in Design and Technology lessons. We use a variety of tools and materials in order to develop skills. 

We look in detail at how we can use mechanisms, food, electronics, textiles and structures. Each class carries out three projects a year in three different areas.

Pupils spend time researching an areas, before designing their own products, making a final piece and finally evaluating it. Design and Technology is a very popular subject with the children as they get to express their creative side and problem solving skills. 

The nature of the subject allows pupils to generate the courage to take sensible risks when exploring ideas. Overcoming difficulties in design helps them develop resilience and successes promote confidence. Evaluating theirs and others work - including the work of well-known designers - gives pupils a sense of respect.

Whether or not a pupils' future lies in design or manufacturing, we believe Design & Technology prepares pupils for a rapidly and ever changing technological world and opens the doors to opportunity.


Follow the link below to see the Design and Technology Curriculum at High Wycombe Church of England Combined School:


Design and Technology Long Term Plan