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First few days

Science Day


Year 3 had great fun on our first day back at school. It was science day so full of practical experiments and things to do. We used fizzy drinks to make raisins dance, watched an owl display, made balloon kebabs, used a balloon to make newts float, created floating paper clips, had a foil boat competition to see whose could hold the most weight and learnt about our bodies with Wycombe Wanderers.



On Thursday, we wrote shape poems based on the owls we learnt about and saw during Science day. After that we produced artwork inspired by the Egyptian pyramids and then had lots of fun doing our orienteering activities in PE. Friday was another exciting day - we went to another local school to take part in Sing, inspire, perform. We learnt 3 songs with a few actions and then sang them as a mini performance. Everyone was really enthusiastic and performed well. Lastly we squeezed in our brain awareness lesson on memory and still had time for our hard earned golden time at the end of the day.