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Growth Mindset and Brain Awareness

Happy New Year!


We  started off 2019 with two days expanding our brains and thinking about how we learn. The children worked together with year 2 and completed activities on the different SMARTS. They looked how sponges (our brains) soak up water (learning) in a mind with a positive, growth mindset. They then felt how light the ‘brains’ were in a fixed mindset - cups with no water. 

They also learnt about the way snails 🐌 persevere to get where they need to be. 

In Robins classroom the children explored Word, Practical, 2D3D an People SMARTS and in Swallows they tried Number, Self, Body and Nature SMARTS. 


it was a lovely start to the year. 

Growth vs fixed mindset

Being 🐌