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Lent Challange ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 1

Year 6 ~ 40 Acts

Week 1 ~ 5th March

Wednesday ~ Ask someone in your class to say what they enjoyed most about the day.
The children enjoyed doing this and it created some really positive conversations about school.

Thursday ~To ask if you can help at school
Most of the children join in well with this task. They helped others on the playground, they helped clearing up at lunchtime and asked teachers if they could help at the end of the day.

Friday ~ To be the first to say sorry to somebody
The children were keen to do this and said sorry quickly to each other.

Saturday ~ Look after someone else today
This was a popular task with year 6. They enjoyed looking after younger children and spending time with their family and friends for this act.

Sunday ~ Try to find out about someone your own age from a poorer country and imagine what it would be like to be them
A few of the children managed to do this and reflected on how lucky they were to have the things they had.

It was been a great first week. Keep up the good work year 6!

Miss Jones