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Lent Challenge ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 2

Year 6 ~ 40 Acts

Week 2 ~ 10th March

Monday ~ Send a letter, card or picture to an adult who is important to you.
Year 6 sent letters, pictures, cards and poems to family members and friends. They enjoyed this challenge and it helped them to think of others.

Tuesday ~ Surprise somebody today (In a good way!)
Some of year 6 surprised their parents by tidying their bedrooms! Some others in year 6 helped other siblings with work. Other children in year 6 surprised their parents by making them drinks and food. Lots of year 6 took part in this challenge. Well Done!

Wednesday ~ Tidy up your classroom without being asked.
This is something year 6 find difficult! They tried hard at this today and at the end of the day I didn't have to remind anybody to clear their desks or pick up anything off the floor. Well done year 6, keep it up!

Thursday ~ Look out for somebody who is sad today and find a way to cheer them up.
Year 6 had a number of different ways of cheering people up; making cakes for people, letting a sibling do an activity of their choice, helping people get their belongings ready when they are running late, playing games with a family member or friend who was sad, giving someone a hug!

Friday ~ Introduce yourself to another child who you see all the time. Remember their name next time you see them.
Some children introduced themselves to friends siblings and made an effort to play with them. Another year 6 child introduced herself to a girl at swimming she sees all the time. 

Saturday ~ Help the environment, don't waste paper.
A few children in year 6 made sure they used all of the paper before getting a new piece. Another child decided to reuse an old diary for the paper. 

Sunday ~ Be brave today. Do something that you found hard last time you tried. 
One child in year 6 took out the bins, this was hard because they have a fear of dogs and there are lots of dogs near his house. Another child went biking, last time they hurt themselves and had become nervous about doing this. One of the year  6 children sang to everyone at church!

Another great week, well done year 6!

Miss Jones