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Lent Challenge ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 3

Year 6 ~ 40 Acts

Monday ~ Make an extra effort to smile more!
Year 6 smiled a lot today! It was a happy day!! Well done. 

Tuesday ~ When you're tempted to push in front let someone else go first. 
Year 6 were considerate at the pegs yesterday, it can be squashed and lots of children let others go first. Year 6 also let children line up in front of them. 

Wednesday ~ Be a good team player. Don't hog the ball and compliment team mates. 
Year 6 enjoy playing football at lunchtimes and made a real effort to do this. 

Thursday ~ If Someone does something make sure you say thank you. 
Year 6 are a very polite class but did make an extra effort today. 

Friday ~ Eat all of your lunch and say thanks to whoever made it. 
Year 6 had a shared lunch on the Rye today. All the children bought in something different which we shared. They all ate lots and were thankful to each other.

Miss Jones