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Lent Challenge ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 4

Year 6 ~ 40 Acts

Monday ~ Chat with someone outside of your usual group of friends.
Year 6 made a really big effort to talk to other children not in their friendship groups. They were really kind to each other. 

Tuesday ~ Help somebody else with their work. 
Year 6 were very helpful today, they helped their friends in Maths and Literacy lessons. They also helped people at home with their work. 

Wednesday ~ Share your best joke today
We had a funny day with lots of laughing!! Many jokes were shared and it helped make year 6 laugh a lot!!

Thursday ~ Help someone who has fallen over
Year 6 helped each other when someone fell in football yesterday. They also helped some other children in the school when they tripped. 

Friday ~ Make a card or note saying something nice about a classmate or friend and hide it in a place that they will find it. 
Some children gave notes to their friends saying nice things and others gave notes to people who help them.

Saturday ~Ask someone to tell you about themselves and listen closely to what they say
Some children asked their parents about their families and some asked their parents about their past.

Sunday ~ Pick up litter and put it in the bin
Year 6 helped collect litter at Church, at a school (a parents workplace), at home and on the bus!

Another great week, well done year 6!!

Miss Jones