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Lent Challenge ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 5

Year 6 ~ 40 Acts ~ Week 5

Monday ~ Thank the adults who help you!
Many of year 6 thanked their parents for the cooking, helping with homework, buying them things and the cleaning they do.

Tuesday ~ Hold the door for someone today.
This is something year 6 needed to work on and they made a great effort today. Well Done

Wednesday ~ Follow instructions without complaining
Year 6 listening carefully today and made a big effort to listen well.

Thursday ~ Don't interrupt. Listen carefully, you may learn something new.
This was particularly important today as we had SATs boosters, D+T with equipment and the Easter Service. Year 6 did well to listen carefully at all times.

I hope year 6 take part in these remaining challenges over the Easter break.

Friday ~ Tell somebody why you think they are special

Saturday ~ Invite somebody new to join in with your game

Sunday ~Go the whole day without arguing

Over the Easter Holidays;

1) Turn off lights, TV and chargers when you leave a room
2) Don't walk past someone today without saying something kind
3) Be a friend to a shy person
4) Play with a child from another year group
5) Give somebody a nice compliment today

Year 6 have worked hard on the lent challenge and I'm very proud of them.

Happy Easter! :-)

Miss Jones