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Welcome to the Maths section of our school website. Mrs Akehurst coordinates Maths and will be putting up lots of fun activities and examples of how we learn Maths at this school.


At High Wycombe C of  E school we teach maths in many different ways, and encourage you to support the children in their learning at home at every available opportunity. Have a go at some of the Maths games and activities that we have links to below. Check back here regularly for new and exciting things to do. 


Mrs Akehurst

Measuring Angles Outside

Maths Across The Curriculum - Data Handling In Geography

Maths Outside - Fractions

Maths Outside - Percentages

Maths Outside - Percentages 1
Maths Outside - Percentages 2
Maths Outside - Percentages 3
Maths Outside - Percentages 4

Maths Outside - Measuring Angles

Maths - Using Protractors

Maths Outside - Measures

Maths - 2D Shape

Maths - Negative Numbers

Outdoor Maths - Area of Compound Shapes

Outdoor Maths - Perimeter of Compound Shapes

Maths - 3D Shape