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Welcome to Robins!


Hello! This is the Year 1 class page! We are going to be doing lots of fun things this term, in the meantime see below to see what we got up to last year!

Mrs Waldron

Spreading on the butter!
Painting story settings
Making a jam sandwich using instructions I wrote!
I can't wait to eat my sandwich!
Nearly finished!
We had fun making our lunch!
Cutting the sandwich carefully!
How to make a sandwich!
Watch out for the Number Shark!
We like using the computers!
In the ICT suite
Sandwich making is a serious business!
More ICT work!
Using My World 3
Mrs Waldron had sandwiches made for her too!
We had to read our instructions carefully!
Logging on in the ICT suite!
Sandwich making from written instructions
We followed our instructions to make a sandwich!
Making bread like the Little Red Hen!
Look how smart we are in our new blazers!
Using the ropes
We have been learning to get out the PE apparatus!
Climbing on the wall bars in PE!
The wall bars are our favourite apparatus!
Using the big apparatus!
Book Week 2009!
Today we made Jewish Kippah hats
More Jewish Kippah hats