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Schools Linking Network - Our Day at Holtspur School

On Thursday 25th March Year 2 visited our new friends at Holtspur School. We took part in a seaside workshop for the whole day. We had to dress up ready for visiting the seaside and took the coach to Holtspur School. Once we had found our partners our first activity was a visit to a seaside museum. We saw lots of postcards, old swimming costumes, buckets and spades. We even had a mini beach that we could play in. After visiting the museum we had a making session where we could make our own souvenirs. These included shell boxes, cork boats, posters, stamps. In the afternoon we all got about the train and visited the pier. Here we could spend our old money on the amusements including fortune telling, Aunt Sally, the souvenir shop, lots of games and even a Punch and Judy show. Eventually we had to say good bye to our partners and head home - luckily we didn't get sun burnt on the beach!
Picture 1 On the pier
Picture 2 On the pier
Picture 3 On the pier
Picture 4 On the pier
Picture 5 On the pier
Picture 6 On the pier
Picture 7 On the pier
Picture 8 On the pier
Picture 9 On the pier
Picture 10 Making and Doing
Picture 11 Making and Doing
Picture 12 Making and Doing
Picture 13 Making and Doing
Picture 14 Making and Doing
Picture 15 Making and Doing
Picture 16 Making and Doing
Picture 17 At the seaside museum
Picture 18 At the seaside museum
Picture 19 At the seaside museum
Picture 20 At the seaside museum
Picture 21 At the seaside museum
Picture 22 At the seaside museum