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Welcome to the Science curriculum page.


Science is taught throughout the school following the Key Stage 1 and 2 National curriculum (please see an overview below). There is a focus on the three subjects: biology, chemistry and physics. Our children are always encouraged to develop their scientific enquiry skills, taking the opportunity where ever possible to take part in, plan and set up investigations. There are many topics (e.g. animals and their habitats, electricity and forces, plants and living things) that are repeated throughout the curriculum which allow the children to build upon their prior knowledge.


Miss Jones

Science lead

Science - Whole school overview


States of matter - Experiments

Ice hands observation - melting and freezing

Living things and their habitats - looking at plants.

Early Years Science Day

Living things and their habitats

Exploring sound



Rocket Science


On Monday 14th March 2016 HWCE followed the theme of 'rocket science' throughout the school to celebrate the wonderfully exciting nature of space.

Following a morning with a rotation of activities in house groups throughout key stage one and two and a range of provision for the early years children where fantastic cross curricular learning took place, the afternoon commenced with scientists at work investigating among other things, fizzing stars, moon craters and engineering and launching rockets and other machines. 

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and we hope we have developed an understanding of our incredible universe and ignited a love for scientific exploration in our children. Who knows, maybe the next Tim Peake is in our midst?!





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We have had a super exciting summer term so far with our rocket seed delivery - planting and nurturing underway, and our living eggs experience. Share some of our experiences from across the school below...

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