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Welcome to the Science curriculum page.


Science is taught throughout the school following the Key Stage 1 and 2 National curriculum (please see an overview below). There is a focus on the three subjects: biology, chemistry and physics. Our children are always encouraged to develop their scientific enquiry skills, taking the opportunity where ever possible to take part in, plan and set up investigations. There are many topics (e.g. animals and their habitats, electricity and forces, plants and living things) that are repeated throughout the curriculum which allow the children to build upon their prior knowledge. Science is taught practically with opportunities for the children to develop their scientific skills every lesson. The children enjoy asking questions and investigating their ideas before sharing their findings with the class. Classes continue to develop their scientific knowledge and experiences outside of the classroom in the local area and through school trips and visitors. We also have a Science day where children can get even more excited about the subject and cross curricular links e.g. a Science stimulus for their writing and topic linked texts in literacy. Below are links for key information, photos of Science in action at our school and useful websites. 

We have had a super exciting time in school with our rocket seed delivery - planting and nurturing underway, and our living eggs experience. Share some of our experiences from across the school below...

Science Curriculum - HWCE whole school overview

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