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Hi Eagles,

I hope you are all enjoying the snow!!

I have put some activities of the VLE (moodle) for you over the next few day.

Maths Spring Term - Has games and quizzes linking to what we learnt on Tuesday. Don't forget that the Maths Autumn Term Section also has lots of activities on you could be looking at!

Literacy Spring Term - Has an avaliable task in this weeks section. A book review on the stories from other cultures we looked at on Tuesday.

Reading and Writing Journal - Don't forget to use this opportunity to get some ideas in your journal. Take a walk out sounds and see what descriptive words you can come up with for the way it smell, sounds, feels and looks like to be outside.

Have a look around the Eagles' section of the VLE there are plenty of links to games and activities under each subject section you could have a go at!

See you all Soon
Miss Jones