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Summer Term ~ Outdoor Adventure Activities - PGL

We've arrived safe and sound after a very hot coach journey. We stopped for lunch about half way and enjoyed a picnic in the shade. We arrived just after 4pm and had a tour of the site before heading up to 'Little Wembley' to play football and volleyball. We had the early dinner slot tonight so headed into the dining hall at 5:20 and all the children filled up on a two course meal. They then went up to basketball courts to play team games before our evening entertainment 'Passport to the World'. A really fun filled first day and all the children are happy and having a great time. 


*the internet connection is very weak and struggling to upload photos so please bare with us

After a very exciting day yesterday the children were all asleep relatively quickly last night.

We had the early breakfast slot this morning so we got the children up at 6:50 ready for breakfast at 7:10. All the children had a cooked breakfast and many even managed to have cereal and fruit too. 


It was a very hot day and we were all grateful for the sea breeze. Our day was very busy with the four activities per group, games on 'Little Wembly' plus this evening entertainment in between. The sun has been shining all day which has been lovely, if not made some of the activities more challenging. A few rosy faces but plenty of smiles and many children conquering fears on Jacob's ladder. 


Our 'Groupie' Phoebe is fantastic and leading the children in plenty of singing and team games throughout the day. She is making sure everyone is happy and the children are kept entertained in the breaks between main activities 


Today's activities were:

Miss R Jones Group - Jacob's Ladder, Quad Biking, Animation, Tunnel Trail

Miss N Jones Group - Quad Biking, Jacob's Ladder, Problem Solving, Animation 

Mrs Hawkins Group - Archery, Quad Biking, Jacob's Ladder, Problem Solving 


They finished the day with 'splash'! A challenge to drop a water balloon off the abseiling tower without it bursting. 


A fantastic first full day has been had by everyone and we are sure they will all sleep very well tonight! :-) 


*We are still having a number of issues with the internet and in particular photo uploads - we are trying our best but they will be up in full when we are back in school if not before. 






After a busy day yesterday, nearly all the children had to be woken this morning and a lot of sleepy children headed to a later breakfast at 7:50. Despite being tired, they all managed to eat well and then play some games with Phoebe before the day's activities started. 


Today's activities were:

Miss R Jones Group - Giant Swing, Problem Solving, Zip Wire and Aeroball

Miss N Jones Group - Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail, Aeroball and Zip Wire

Mrs Hawkins Group - Climbing, Giant Swing, Animation and Tunnel Trail 


All the groups again challenged themselves on the height based activities today (Climbing and Giant Swing) and are very proud of themselves for their achievements! :-)  They are supporting and encouraging each other to face their fears and achieve more than they thought they could. 


After a big lunch, we headed to the shop for ice creams and treats to help us cool down before the afternoon's activities began. 


It has been very hot here again today and even though the children were finding it hard to complete so many energetic activities, walk around a hilly site as well as playing team games between activities they have fully thrown themselves into the day with smiles and enthusiasm. 


Today has ended with Wacky Races led by Phoebe where the children are competing in four teams in some very 'wacky' races! 


Another amazing day which the children have made the most of and I have no doubt they will again sleep well tonight. 

A nice relaxed start today as we didn't have to be in breakfast until 8:20. A much needed longer sleep for the children and staff! The children were again tired but excited for the day ahead. 


Today's activities were:


Miss R Jones Group - Archery, Climbing, Orienteering, Beach Walk 

Miss N Jones Group - Climbing, Archery, Orienteering, Beach Walk

Mrs Hawkins Group - Zip Wire, Orienteering, Aeroball, Beach Walk


A cooler day today made all the activities, games and walking round the site much easier for everyone. They have again eaten very well again with three big meals and a shop visit for sweets and crisps. Phoebe led many team games and fun activities at 'Little Wembley' between our activities which they all enjoyed. 


Many children again exceeded their own expectations of themselves on the height based activities. 


Our evening entertainment today was 'snapshot' a photo based orienteering activity around the site. A great way to end our final evening here. 


Everyone has had a great week and have mixed feelings about returning home tomorrow - excitement to see loved ones and sad it'll be over.


See you all tomorrow! :-)  

We had a fantastic last day at PGL and all the children made the most of their last morning here. 


Today's activities were:

Miss R Jones - Trapeze, Survivor

Miss N Jones - Survivor, Trapeze

Mrs Hawkins - Survivor, Trapeze


The children challenged themselves for the final time with the trapeze, many overcoming their fear of height! They all enjoyed survivor; creating fires and shelters. 


After a much quieter journey home (many children having a sleep), they were excited to see their parents and tell them what they had achieved!


A fantastic week away where year 6 made us very proud. Well Done!