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Summer Term ~ PGL Residential ~ Outdoor Adventure Activities

We have arrived! After a calm start to the coach journey, we stopped for lunch about half way and enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine. Just after we arrived we had a tour and found our meeting point for activities. We had a later dinner slot this year so headed into the dining hall at 5:45 and all the children filled up on a two course meal - they ate plenty and really well. For evening entertainment the children played 'Passport to the world' - they had to find flags around the site and answer questions based on the countries. They all took part, worked well as a team and ran off a lot of energy. An excellent first day, all the children are happy and having a great time. 

We had a later breakfast slot this year so did not need to wake the children until 7:20am. They all were still sound asleep at this time and needed waking. All the children had a cooked breakfast and the majority of them even managed to have cereal, toast, yogurt and fruit too. After breakfast, they had some free time to play and warm up as it was a chilly start to the day.


Day one has been wet but the children have not let it dampen their spirits and have had a fantastic time in all the activities. Our day was very busy with four activities per group, games at 'Little Wembley' plus this evening’s entertainment as well as many games in between. All the children have been exceptionally well-behaved and challenged themselves in the height-based activities. We are so very proud of all of year 6 for their achievements during the activities and how they are representing the school.


Our 'Groupie' Kat is great and leading the children in plenty of singing and team games throughout the day to keep them occupied between activities. 


Today's activities were:

Miss Jones’s Group – Giant Swing, Archery, Zip Wire, Tunnel Trail

Miss Chandler’s Group – Archery, Giant Swing, Tunnel Trail, Zip Wire

Mrs Hawkins’s – Survivor, Trapeze, Jacob’s Ladder, Problem Solving


They finished the day with 'splash'! A challenge to drop a water balloon off a flight of stairs without it bursting – they had to earn points to win materials to protect the balloons. They did this by a range of activities: hula-hoop race, over and under race, funniest joke competition. When it came to dropping the water bombs, only one groups managed to succeed!  


Everyone has had a fantastic first full day and we are sure the children will all sleep very well tonight! :-) 

After a very busy day, action-packed day yesterday, all the children were difficult to wake this morning! Despite being tired, they all managed to eat very well again and then play some games with Kat, at little Wembley, before the day's activities started. 


Today's activities were:

Miss Jones’s Group – Trapeze, Survivor, Jacob’s Ladder, Problem Solving 

Miss Chandler’s Group – Survivor, Trapeze, Problem Solving, Jacob’s Ladder 

Mrs Hawkins’s Group – Giant Swing, Archery, Zip Wire, Tunnel Trail


All of the children challenged themselves on the height-based activities again today and are very proud of themselves for their achievements - as are all the staff, incredible achievements!  They are supporting each other with facing their fears and they are achieving more than they thought they could on their own. Their encouragement, support and positivity is admirable.


Before lunch the children had chance to play at ‘Little Wembley’ again which they love! After a big lunch to re-charge our batteries, the children headed to the basketball courts for even more games before the afternoon activities began. 


Today has ended with ‘Cluedo’ led by Kat where the children have to solve the mystery of the missing PGL crown. They had to find suspects around the site and answer questions to get clues. The clues then allowed them to solve the mystery.


Another fantastic day, the children have made the most of every opportunity and smiled through-out each challenge. We have no doubt they will again sleep well tonight ready for another fun-filled, busy day tomorrow. 

The children slept well again and were even harder to wake this morning. They were very excited for the day ahead and challenges!


Today's activities were:

Miss Jones’s Group – Animation, Aeroball, Abseiling, Quad Biking 

Miss Chandler’s Group – Aeroball, Animation, Quad Biking, Abseiling

Mrs Hawkins’s Group – Abseiling, Quad Biking, Animation, Aeroball


The weather brightened up for us and we had some sunshine!  Again, many children exceeded their own expectations of themselves on the height-based activities – we continue to be proud of all of their achievements and all their determination. 


Our evening entertainment today was ‘wacky races’; the children competed in their groups to win a range of races that involved acting as well as physical activities. Some excellent ‘robot’ and ‘alien’ impressions! 


Everyone has had a fantastic week and all the children have mixed feelings about returning home tomorrow - excitement to see loved ones, looking forward to sleep and sad it'll all be over. They are all looking forward to their last day’s activities and more food to keep their energy levels up! 


See you all tomorrow!  

We had a fantastic last day at PGL and all the children made the most of their last morning here. We managed to fit in lots of fun activities as well as clearing our rooms and finishing packing. 


Today's activities were:

Miss Jones’s Group – Climbing & Beach Walk

Miss Chandler’s Group – Climbing & Beach Walk

Mrs Hawkins’s Group – Climbing & Beach Walk


The children challenged themselves for the final time with the climbing, many overcoming their fear of heights yet again! They all enjoyed beach walk, our only activity as a whole class, which the children made the most of us – a perfect activity to end the week.  


They children remained excited from their achievements all the way home and still had plenty of energy to sing songs! They were excited to see their parents and tell them what they had achieved!


An amazing week away where year 6 made us very proud and were a real credit to the school and their parents. Their behaviour has been exemplary, their attitude to trying new things and challenging themselves has been admirable and their support of others has been incredible. Well Done!