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We have signed up to the Next Generation Learning Charter

We have signalled our commitment to our pupils by signing up to a new charter that pledges to improve the way technology is used to give pupils an enriched and enhanced learning experience. The Next Generation Learning Charter was launched by Becta, the government’s agency for technology in education.
This means we are leading the way and making a commitment to improving learning for pupils through the use of technology (including computers and laptops) in lessons. There is strong evidence to show that when technology is used effectively in schools, it can help to motivate and excite pupils, and raise attainment.
Over the coming months, we will be using the self-review framework – an online tool designed to help schools review their technology use in a structured way, which will in turn help inform our overall school improvement strategy and plans. Using the self-review framework will help us move towards gaining Becta’s prestigious ICT Mark – the national standard in the use of technology across all aspects of school life, including student assessment, teaching and learning, and the development of staff, leadership and management.
Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of Becta, said:
“Technology in the classroom is no longer a distant dream – technology is part of everyday life for us all, and schools need to ensure they don’t get left behind. The Next Generation Learning Charter will help thousands of schools develop their use of technology across the school, so we have a world class education system where all young people are inspired and motivated”.
About Becta (
Becta is the government agency leading the national drive to ensure the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. It is our ambition to utilise the benefits of technology to create a more exciting, rewarding and successful experience for learners of all ages and abilities, enabling them to achieve their potential.
By signing up to the Next Generation Learning Charter schools will be saying that over the next three years they will:
1.    Develop a shared vision for the use of technology
2.    Plan the use of ICT across the curriculum
3.    Use technology to enhance learning and support
4.    Assess how technology is supporting your pupils’ learning
5.    Ensure all staff and learners can use technology effectively and safely
6.    Use technology to extend learning beyond the school
7.    Make sure you have safe, secure and sustainable resources
8.    Use technology to help learners progress and achieve