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Week 1

We have started a new focus in literacy lessons and are  now looking at instructions. We had some fun practical lessons trying to instruct each other to draw a picture and pick up an object. This helped us to understand why it is important that instructions are written clearly. We also tried to make woolly mammoths with badly written instructions so we could identify key features.


Maths also involved lots of practical lessons. We were learning about measurement and so had lots of chances to use the equipment. The children worked well in their groups and helped each other with larger measurements.


In other subjects; We started our volleyball unit, the children decided they wanted to be Robin Hood and Maid Marion during a one off archery lesson but some more shots on target may be needed before they take on these roles full time,  their recorder playing is improving and they are all doing really well.


The holiday homework was all excellent and really impressive - Well done to everyone involved, we really enjoyed looking at what everyone had been up to.


Friday was jam packed. International day was a hit and lots was learnt through exciting activities. There are some pictures below but the full day can be seen on the curriculum area of the website.



This week:

Our Dojo Winner is Yusuf

Our literacy star of the week is Mia

Our maths star or the week is Maddy