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Week 1

We have started to look at persuasive writing in literacy, we are using the text "The Great Kapok Tree" to help us with out ideas for writing.  This week we have discussed the story, written descriptions of the rainforest now and what we think it will be like in 100 years and written a dialogue between  the animals in the Kapok Tree. 


In maths we revisited fractions. The children all did really well with adding and subtracting fractions. They picked this up really quickly and were able to apply previously learnt concepts with fractions to their problem solving activities. 


In other news:

We started our health and fitness topic in Real PE and the children showed a brilliant understanding of keeping healthy and how their bodies respond to exercise. The children had great fun learning about the mummification process and turning each other into mummies and we made informative posters about the Rio Olympics. Friday was International day and the children learnt about a variety of countries (see the International day curriculum page for more pictures and information).

International Day