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Week 1

The school have returned from halftime term raring to go! This week in Maths, time proved challenging for most of the class, but the persevered and have improved their knowledge of analogue and digital clocks.

In literacy, the children have planned and begun to write their myths.

Friday was international day. As Y3 were at the cinema in the morning our carousel changed from the normal format and the children explored 3 countries : Japan, Spain and Panama. Please see the curriculum page, international days for pictures.


Next week is assessment week, so we will not have maths and literacy lessons. As it is anti-bullying week, we will have that as our focus - thinking about remembering to respect everyone and embracing our differences.


Have a good weekend!


Mrs Akehurst

In literacy before beginning to write our own Anglo-Saxon myth, we explored plots and acted them out

Our first dance lesson with our dance coach