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Week 1

Back to school for the start of the Spring Term!#


The children all seemed happy to be back despite it meaning that Christmas and the holidays were over - it was lovely to hear what they had all been up to over the break. A big well done to those who found time to complete one of the homework activities, they were all excellent and will be going up on display in the classroom.


Back to place  value in  maths - the children had excellent knowledge and were sailing through so we made the problem solving extra tricky in the following lessons to give them a challenge.  There was no literacy this week but we did write great setting descriptions in cross-curricular writing. 


We played crazy catch in our alternative PE session, ordered a Roman timeline, introduced the topic of South America, started designing Roman mosaic borders and came up with ways to survive if we were stranded on a desert island.


Friday was Brain awareness day - we learnt about how we are all smart in different ways and then worked on activities to improve our cold spots - see the brain awareness page for more information and pictures.