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Week 1

We are back and ready for a new half term - what a great start!


We had one last week on our language play topic in Literacy where we write non-sense poems using the sounds we hear around school. The children were great at this and they were a pleasure to read so we did lots of sharing of work this week.


Maths took us back to money as we reminded ourselves of the different coins and notes before adding amounts and subtracting to find change. The children enjoyed the practical side, pretending to shop and working out what items they could afford.


In other areas; we played Ultimate Frisbee in PE, tennis in games, started looking at packaging in DT and exploring the features, wrote profiles about Roman gods, identified the main trade and industry in different South American countries and created freeze frames to show us "saving the day" in RE.


Friday was international day - the children always enjoy this and it's great to see them getting on so well with children in other year groups and working as a team. They enjoyed learning about different countries in the morning and then producing work to send to our e-twinning school in the afternoon. See the internal day page of the website for more information and photos.