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Week 1

The children seem well rested and have come back to school with heaps of energy! 


This week we have been looking at addition in Maths.  They have been counting on in ones from different numbers, making ten when adding two numbers and finding number bonds to 10 and 20.  It would be really beneficial if they could continue to practise this at home.  I have posted some links to songs and games below which they could use but they could also play number bond tennis with you - on a walk, in the car - as often as possible.  Being secure in this will support many other areas of their maths learning.  The children will be moving onto developing methods and subtracting next week.


In Literacy they have recounted their favourite Christmas moments, thinking about describing and sequencing events.  They have also had a really good go at identifying and writing rhymes based on 'Down in the dustbin' by Michael Rosen as well as skipping rhymes.


In Geography we concluded our unit 'Where in the World Is Buddy the Bee' and will now move a bit closer to home looking at our local area.   In PE we had our 'alternative' PE lesson where we played crazy catch, challenging ourselves greatly!  We also ended our week with a super Brain Awareness Day!  

Maths - addition using tens frames helps visualise making ten when adding a number and adding the remainding ones

Alternative PE - crazy catch

Reading - making a book blanket with our favourite books

Art - Piet Mondrian inspired collage