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Week 1

A great and very busy first week back!


We continued exploring multiplication by making arrays with different objects. We are develop In my our understanding of multiplying being repeated addition of equal groups and division being sharing or grouping of a total. Next week...finding half and quarter of a shape or quantity!


In literacy we started by writing some excellent recounts of our half term, followed by creating pancakes and recounting this experience. There were some fantastic pieces of writing from this using time words and adjectives! 


In Science, we discussed the changing season and made a natural leaf collage. In PE we started our new unit on gymnastics. Unfortunately the iPad was left in class so we will post pics next week. 


We concluded the week with a wonderful international day where Jerry’s mum and dad gave us a great insight into Papua New Guinea and we had a go at reading and writing pidgin - a great experience at transferring our knowledge of phonics! We also learnt about the Swiss Alps and recreated our own collage of this. Finally, we read a PowerPoint sent across from our link school in Uganda - St Michaels. We played some playground games (inside due to the inclement weather) to share with them. Please see the international day page for photos at key information /curriculum / international hwce. 


I hope the children have been sharing all of the exciting learning in this wonderfully enriched week of the curriculum! 


Literacy - making pancakes