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week 1

Welcome back to our final half term as year 2! 

This week we had our school trip to Amersham field centre, Mop End. What a lovel day it was! The children looked at two different habitats and collected an assortment of animals. They had lessons and lunch in a Yurt and thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors. Many of them (including the grown-ups) overcame their fears of creepy-crawlies and handled centipedes, newts, beetles and worms  😮

International Day was a huge success. Year 1 and 2 worked together, supporting each other and it was lovely to see teamwork in house groups. They learnt about a Thai Buddhist festival, indigenous Australian art using dots, Scottish culture and all about life in Tanzania. Photos are on curriculum- international days page.

They also enjoyed messy maths outside, learning about capacity and drew compass points on the playground.

Which way is North?