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Week 2

Well, what a wonderfully creative and collaborative week we have had! 


In Literacy we started the week by reading scripts and acting out Cinderella in groups. It was a great opportunity to listen carefully to one another and develop our understanding of character and expression. It was lovely to see the children working together to rehearse and perform. 

We also read the alternative story of ‘Cinderfella’, wrote questions to ask the characters and hot seated a willing volunteer and budding actor as Cinderfella!


In maths we have been continuing our learning about measures by comparing and ordering lengths inside and outside the classroom. We also challenged ourselves to some word problems. Don’t forget your ‘RUCSAC’! (Read, underline, choose, solve, answer, check!)


Mr Burgin has begun a new Science experiment with cress seeds to see how different liquids affect plant growth. 


We we were very lucky to have Mrs Russell with us for ‘Godly Play’ this week and the RE posters we created with our partners for what we can do to help save the world are now completed and look fabulous!


The highlight of the week was definitely our Great Fire of London day!

The Drama Hut representative was fantastic and it was just the right mix of learning through listening and being actively involved. We met Thomas Farriner, Samuel Pepys, made ten second pictures of some of the events, sang London’s Burning as a canon, danced a fire dance and did some performance poetry of the sequence of events. The children did themselves proud with the way they behaved and engaged with the occasion. 

We followed this in the classroom with some creative responses by making fire pictures, charcoal Tudor houses and paper origami boats (the latter really challenging us and lending great opportunities to develop our growth mindset -  “I can train my brain” not “I can’t do it,” 😁)

I am looking forward to teaching the children more on this topic. 






Godly Play

The Great Fire of London workshop (more to follow...)