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Week 2

It has been a very busy and exciting week in Year 5. We have been learning about length this week in maths and we have been to Godly play with Mrs Russell.

Alongside our literacy, where we have been looking at the Greek Myth Pandora’s Box; we had our Greek afternoon. We were met in the hall by Athena, who transported us back in time to Ancient Greece. We learnt lots about facts about the ancient Greeks, including the Olympic Games, Gods and Goddesses, Greek sculptures and we explored the myth about King Midas.


Have a good weekend.


Mrs Akehurst


Some groups went to measure objects outside and then convert them into different metric units

Ancient Greek afternoon- Olympic freeze frames. Can you guess the sport?

Ancient Greece - feasts and banquets freeze frame

Ancient Greek sculptures

Can you guess the Ancient Greek god or goddess?

Volleyball lesson 1 learning to volley