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Week 2

This week the children worked on their addition skills - finding number bonds to 10 and 20. They used number lines and tens frames to work out word problems and some even made their own part-whole models!

In literacy they looked at a story from another culture, The Catch, about a little boy who saves a fox and gets a surprise ‘thank you ‘!

They then changed the end of the story. Some children made a fish and rod just like the one in the story.

 In  cross curricular writing they persuaded me to look after something ( a pet, the world, each other).  

For science they went hunting for winter flowers and found the  Grand total of two! They thought they had found a hedgehog but it turned out to be just a seedhead from the sunflower seed! 

In PE they practised aiming through hoops and sending and catching balls. This week’s artist was Paul Klee and the children made tints by gradually adding white to a colour to recreate his painting ‘Evening Separation’. 

Hoping to catch a big one!

Hunting for flowers

Lots of bare earth and no berries

Creating tints

PE action shots!