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Week 2

Literacy - We are continuing to explore Neverland and pretending to be characters from the book. This week we have hot seated Tinkerbell, Wendy and Peter Pan to explore their feelings after specific events in the film and explore their friendships. We have also recapped the features of letters and then written to Tinkerbell from Peter Pan's point of view to say sorry and ask her to come home.


In maths we have been adding and subtracting. It is clear to see that the children's confidence and ability in this area has improved from the start of the year. They were flying though the tasks showing their ability to use the method correctly so we quickly moved on to problem solving and investigating in order to challenge everyone in the class.


In other news:

We designed our printing blocks in art, discovered the animals living in the rainforest in Brazil, made cubes to display who we are in RE, performed a mini music concert to the rest of the school (we were brilliant) and tried really hard to improve our learning behaviour for this week by being more resourceful.