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week 2

A wild and wet week with lots of wet play! The children worked hard in Literacy; writing super prospectuses for our school and tried hard to improve presentation. I am going to try and get the hang of scanning so that I can put the work on these pages! their mosaic designs are looking good and we just need to finish them on black paper for our display.


Song words and scripts were given out - please practise every night so that we can hone our acting skills! Hopefully you were all told about costumes but here is a recap

Roman soldier

 road builder slave -(scruffy) toga

house slave - (clean) toga

Centurion - soldier

Surveyor - toga

Emperor/Emperor's wife/ hostess/husband - togas but with jewellery

narrator/ fact givers - toga (unless they are slaves or soldiers)

We may also need some cushions!