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Week 2

Assessment week


I have been so delighted with the children's behaviour and effort this week. We have completed a range of assessments and the children have really risen to the challenges set for them and should feel very proud of their achievements. 


Alongside the assessments, we have had plenty of time to take other independent challenges in class:


Art - create a pop art portrait

Science - classifying animals

Topic - locating Europe and France 

Computing - send the beebots on a journey to the treasure. 


We also had a very exciting and fascinating visit from Zoolab, meeting a range of animals including Milo the Millepede, a Tarantula and two rats! Some children had no fear, some overcame their fears and some were definitely not convinced! We learnt many new facts. Did you know a corn snake has approx 400 bones and 15000 muscles in its body?! Ask your child about something they learnt. 



Zoolab - ‘Candy the African land snail’ with 10000 teeth!

Zoolab - ‘Milo the millipede’ whose legs feel like a toothbrush