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Week 2

What a rainy week! We have had to have lots of indoor play so here's to hoping for some sunny days next week!



This week we have been so busy! In maths we have been working on addition and subtraction. Some of the children have been mastering the column method whilst others have been tackling word problems and missing number challenges!

In literacy we have continued to work on 'The Caravan' story. We have broken down the story and planned our own new idea which follows the same structure.

P.E has been very exciting as the children have been doing gymnastics and exploring some shapes and balances with their partners.

In music we have started preparing for our concert at the Royal Albert Hall. We have started learning some of the songs and we looked at pictures to see where we would be sitting (we get the important seats as we made it into the choir, wahoo!). We can't wait and are all starting to get very excited!