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Week 2

The children have been learning about different materials and their properties.  They discussed some of the different properties of materials but also thought about how materials could be good for some other uses.  They made some new inventions with various different materials. 

Remembrance Day

As a class we have discussed what Remembrance Day is about and why it is important.  We also made some mosaic poppies and wrote some prayers to add to our prayer book. 
The children have worked so hard during assessment week.  We love any excuse to be busy with our hands so before the children start building and designing their fire engines they have practised securing an axl between two wheels. 

Alternative PE

Every term we do an alternative PE game.  This week we played Quidditch!  Unfortunately we didn’t have any flying broom sticks but we did practise out throwing, catching and scoring through a hoop.

Children in need - Act your age challenge

We were set the ‘Act your age’ challenge and the children decided that they wanted to do some additional reading.  We decided to bring out some more of our special books and give the children a chance to read to each other outside.  It was a lovely opportunity to see how nicely they did this together and appreciate the effectiveness of some interesting books.