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Week 2

In Literacy this week, we have been continuing to use phonics to write labels, captions and factual sentences. We continued exploring the themes within the text ‘Here we are’. After looking at the page which describes how we should look after ourselves, there was some good discussion around how we keep ourselves safe, especially at this time and the children then created some super posters by writing captions to go with images. P We also explored the meanings of new words when thinking about the idea of a ‘fair and Inclusive school’ alongside our Christian values. The children created pictures of what our school looks like as a result of this and wrote a sentence about their picture. 


We are continuing to learn about place value in maths and reminded ourselves of one more and one less to 10 and 20 using lots of different equipment including number lines and objects inside and outside. We even had a game of musical chairs for Elsie’s birthday which reinforced the concept of ‘one fewer’ and how when things get taken away the number is smaller.  We’ve also been practising using our fingers to find one fewer and one greater for amounts. 


We had a lovely afternoon on Tom Burts Hill exploring the wonder of nature and thinking about God’s beautiful creation in RE. We also started our music lesson on the hill and we are beginning to learn the Kodaly hand signs for musical notes. 


We found out about China in our new continent, Asia this week. Mrs Tong came to talk to us and shared her expertise - teaching us some greetings and numbers in Mandarin. 


Our ‘looking at animals’ unit in Science focused on different animal types - in particular ‘amphibians’! We moulded our own amphibians from plasticine - aren’t they super?!


In PSHE we read the story ‘Harold has a bad day’ which explored emotions we may feel during the day and how our behaviour can affect others. We discussed the story and created some images and writing for somethings we would try to do to have a positive effect on a special person in our life. 



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