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Week 2

There has been a lot going on this week, from book day, the start of lent to 'Godly Play'.

During lent the children will have a class daily lent challenge that we will all try our best to focus on throughout the day. This week we have tried to the following : to hold the door open for someone, to help someone with their work, to let someone go first. 

In maths, we have been exploring measure and spent Monday getting to grips with weighing items and reading the scales - some of us need a little more practice at this. Then we moved onto converting between grams and kilograms.

We have started a new topic in literacy: explanations. As part of this, we went outside to skip, thinking about where is the best place to skip and explain why. The children then attempted to write their explanation of how to skip in their books.

The end of the week the children looked fabulous in all their outfits, some of them were exquisite!

Friday provide the children with sometime to reflect on the story of the good shepherd during their 'Godly Play' time with Mrs Russell. They also talked a little bit about why we go to communion and what it means to christians.