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Week 3

In maths this week we have been learning how to multiply numbers. We have sorted multiples of two (thank you for the socks, parents), looked at equal groups, written repeated addition number sentences and used objects and a number line to calculate! Great maths work, Year Two!

Multiskills! We were learning how to listen well to two step instructions and we were also developing control of the ball while stationary and travelling.

In art we have been exploring different sized paintbrushes and the types of brush strokes that can be made. We learnt what the primary colours are and explored what happens when we mix these together. We were fabulous at using the brushes, paint and water with control - super artists, year two!

In music we have been exploring duration

In PSHE we explored feelings through drama

We welcomed Muriel Reynolds - a trustee of Wycombe Homeless Connection into our classroom on Friday. Muriel talked to the children about the important role the charity plays in our local community. I was really proud of the respectful behaviour and thoughtful responses the children gave during her visit. We look forward to working with the charity this year as part of our citizenship project.